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Blue Cushions

Find yourself in paradise with one of our tranquil style blue cushions.

Our gorgeous blue cushions are designed to deliver that cool and calming atmosphere and create that perfect coastal lifestyle.

Relax with our blue cushions

Unlock the door to that sanctuary you’re craving with our sleek, ocean-like blue cushion cover designs and transform your home into your favourite paradise island.

We can relate many natural surroundings to the colour blue. It reminds us of the sea, the sky and has a massively calming effect on our psyche.

Your blue cushion, crafted from either polyester or cotton, will fit in perfectly with other colours and styles in your home, especially on rattan furniture. Featuring water repellent cotton linen, you’ll also find they’re resistant to dust and stain.

Looking for an indoor cushion? Ours will look great on all shades of grey, blue, or natural coloured couches.

How about blue outdoor cushions? Our designs will compliment your garden furniture and give you that outdoor tropical vibe you’re searching for.

Blue cushions of all shades and sizes

We’ve got a wide-ranging diversity of blue pillows here at our online store, coming in all different sizes and shades of blue. From large to small, there’s a pillow to suit every piece of furniture.

Our cushions also come in a stunning array of prints, from floral prints to tropical palm tree cushions.

Each one will create that sense of natural beauty putting your home back in touch with our serene outdoor environment.

Colours that match our blue cushion covers

Green is an incredible match with blue. Both of them create a sense of serenity, emitting a smooth personality without any awkward clash.

Blue and green are associated with nature, and are the ideal bedrock to create a home that feels like a tropical haven.

We find that lighter shaded blue cushions work sensationally with pastel-type furnishings. Put that together with our shades of white, blue, tan or mint - and you’ll achieve an unrivalled feeling of balance throughout your home.

But you’ll also find that darker shades of blue work excellently when placed against lighter colours. The hues work boldly, yet perfectly, to accentuate that rich coastal style you’re looking for.

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