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Boho Hanging Chairs

Choose from a range of lavish boho hanging chairs in gorgeous macrame styles!

A relaxing space with laid back bohemian vibes is the perfect home for the boho hanging chairs in our Iluka Beach furniture collection. Our hanging chairs indoor furniture designs encompass a love of nature, beaches, rainforests and mountain retreats. The sky is the limit as to where you can suspend your hanging chair and how you choose to decorate it. You create your own personal escape from the stresses of everyday life.

If you’ve never heard of hammock chairs or hanging chairs before, they are a compact but sturdy alternative to a full sized hammock. They are suited to indoor rooms like bedrooms, lounge areas, book nooks, libraries and other relaxing spaces, as well as undercover balconies or patios outdoors.

They can help stimulate relaxation and focus and they’re an amazing little hideout to escape to after getting home from work or when taking a break from the home office during the day. When you fully relax in hammock chairs, you feel at peace and comfortable as the rocking motion of your own slight movements gives you a feeling of suspended relaxation. It truly is the epitome of comfort.

They are easy to hang, using one of the hammock suspenders available in our store. When hung, they are only about 1.1 metres wide but can hold around 105kg/230lbs

We are so proud of how exquisitely crafted and beautifully designed our boho hanging chairs are. Each style has its own unique macrame pattern woven into the bottom to flow underneath the chair itself.

If you’d like to add a little additional decor to the hammock chair, we do stock quite an extensive range of covers for cushions for hanging chairs in many colours, sizes and patterns so feel free to check out the full range for inspo to complement your boho hanging chair style.

Our hanging chairs black range and hanging chairs white collection marks just the beginning of our boho hammock chair journey. Stay tuned for more and more designs and styles as we expand our pieces as we grow!
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