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Iluka Beach - About Us

Iluka Beach Green Watercolour Leaf Logo

Who is Iluka Beach

Iluka Beach is a online, coastal lifestyle brand based on the South Coast of NSW.  Here at Iluka Beach we are passionate about creating relaxing, peaceful spaces around the home.  We love the tropical style that gives you the feeling of being back in a beach or tropical resort.  Inspired by Australian, Hawaiian, Balinese and Asian, South and Central American styles. We love adding tropical and indoor plants to accompany home decor.

Origins of Iluka Beach

The word "iluka" means "by the sea" in the Bunjalang language - an Australian Indigenous language that is spoken in north eastern New South Wales and South East Queensland by the the Bunjalang people who are the original custodians of northern coastal areas of New South Wales.

There are towns "Iluka" in North Coast NSW and WA.