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Hammock Afterpay

Buy one of our stylish hammocks with Afterpay or another flexible payment option that suits you.

Keen to buy a beautiful beach styled hammock but don’t want to pay it off all at once? We got you covered.

Our online store offers a broad range of beautiful handcrafted boho hammocks, meticulously woven by artisans across Central America.

Whether you’re looking for a new place to chill on your patio, a stylish indoor hammock to remind you of the ocean (+ the sound of rolling waves), these hammocks are the perfect match for your home.

We’re all about providing easy payment options for our customers, such as:

  • Afterpay - purchase a hammock, get it immediately and pay it off through four installments.
  • Latitude - after you’ve bought a hammock, you’ll get it straight away and pay over a period of ten weeks, making manual payments of the amount you choose, when you choose.
  • Lay-buy - once you buy, we’ll put your product aside for you as you pay off as you please - no time limit (and cancel anytime)!

Made from natural cotton with the elegant Bohemian vibe, our products are ideal if you’re looking for a hammock to buy and rest your feet.

Time to transform your home into a paradise!

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