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Macrame Plant Hanger

Pick up a trendy macrame plant hanger for your plants today!

Whether you’re searching for a macrame plant hanger for outdoor use or indoor use, these holders are made to last so feel free to pop them wherever you want to hang a few plant babies inside or outside your home.

Iluka Beach has the best range of handmade cotton macrame plant hangers in popular white, black cotton as well as green, pink and yellow. Sit a single pot plant in these plant hangers or even two plant pots in the double macrame plant hanger.

The pandanus leaf has a wide range of uses from cooking to crafting and much more in between. Our favourite thing to come from the pandanus leaf though are these beautiful, natural macrame plant hangers. They make wonderful gifts for eco-conscious plant lovers and they fit our range of planter baskets so you can mix and match with the different products in the Iluka Beach store.

We chose to stock this specific rope design because it is sturdy, versatile and made naturally by hand. It has been specially sized to hold the 3 sizes of small baskets we offer in store, but if you have a plant pot or basket in your home that is a similar size, you can absolutely make them fit this hanger.

It is knotted specifically to allow for a wide degree of size difference in the pots and baskets it can easily hold.  The macrame plant hangers look particularly stunning when hung in a beachy themed home or a chic apartment, but honestly, they add a super chill, natural vibe to any and all home and office spaces.

We love the minimalist knots, the delicate patterns weaved on the upper ropes and the decorative tassel that hangs below where the pot sits. All in all, this is one of our favourite products in the Iluka Beach shop and we hope you love it too!

So, next time you find yourself adopting a small plant that’s longing to be hung from a branch, a shelf, a wall hook or the eaves of your patio, stop by and pick up one of these natural, handmade, rope macrame plant hangers to keep your little green plant baby happy in a stylish suspended home.

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