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Hammock Chairs

Durable, stylish hammock chairs for trendy homes!

Does your home need a relaxing macrame hammock chair? We’ll let you decide. Take a look at our wide range of beautiful designs and choose the perfect hammock chair to suit your style. They’re sturdy, compact and easily able to fit into even the smallest of spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

All Iluka Beach hammock chairs are adorned with luxurious crocheted cotton fringes that add a new level of aesthetic to a simple piece of furniture. The design is elevated by Central American style fringing patterns and they are perfect for adding a little relaxing siesta style or beachy vibe to any space.

From black hammock chairs to white hammock chairs and possibly more colours to come with future shop updates, our range is extensive and sure to cater to a wide scope of homes. When you find the perfect style for your home, take a look through our cushion cover collection to find the perfect one to complement your new hanging chair. We’ve got cushion covers of vibrant colours that will pop against a black chair, but we’ve also got some toned down designs to suit a white backdrop.

From book nooks to bedrooms to patios to balconies, we love to see an Iluka Beach hammock chair hanging in smaller spaces that aren’t quite big enough to fit a large hammock. It’s also a great option for people who choose to live a minimalist lifestyle. A hammock chair is the perfect gift for someone who needs their own space to relax and unwind after a long day.

These soft yet sturdy chairs are only about 110 centimetres wide but can hold around 105kg/230lbs. They are able to be hung with a single hammock hook or hammock tie that can be picked up separately online in store right here. Seriously, these chairs are such a great investment. You’ll be transported to your favourite lazy day holiday location the minute you lower yourself into it.

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